Mini Science Olympiad was held at the MTN Science Centre in Observatory, and 8 of our learners were in the finals against some very capable schools. We did not receive any of the many prizes, but the fact that our school participated in this event, and our kids managed to get to the finals is a major milestone. Our Science teacher Mr Wally Ephraim co-ordinated the whole event, and we thank him for his devotion to the school. His dedication is noteworthy especially when the learner from the winning school, did not have any teacher/s accompanying her.

Another sad aspect of an event like this is how our learners are treated by the other participants, one of my learner’s noted that the other competitors were at times very nasty towards them, because of the way they faired in the tests, the language barrier, the way they spoke and how they conducted themselves. Twenty-odd years into this farcical democracy hasn’t taught us much, those learners only echo the reality of their homes and the situation in their more economically established schools. We still have a long way towards equality in our land, and our young learners, though they were born ‘free’ still carry the shackles of their parent’s enslavement, in this, the 21st century.

The Struggle Continuous

How we need the likes of Steve Bantu Biko, Anton Lembede, Robert Sobukwe in our midst today.

The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.
Being black is not a matter of pigmentation – being black is a reflection of a mental attitude.
Black Consciousness is an attitude of the mind and a way of life, the most positive call to emanate from the black world for a long time.

(Steve Biko)